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Call VideOccasions at 425-641-4811 or e-mail us for all your video needs

Duplicating DVDs

At VideOccasions we can duplicate non-copy protected, non-commercial DVDs and CDs in any quantity.
To duplicte commercially produced discs we'll need written permission before we can proceed.

Duplication Rates
DVDs and CDs

Duplicating Video Tape

Video Formats We Can Duplicate or Transfer to another tape
NTSC: Beta Max VHS VHS-C 8mm Hi-8 S-VHS MiniDV DVCAM
Tape Duplication Rates
VHS & VHS-C $15.00 per hour
8mm, Hi8, Digi8 $20.00 per hour
MiniDV-63 $15.00
DVCAM-184 $35.00

Mail Order Form for Video Tape Duplication

When shipping video tapes to VideOccasions for duplication, please print and complete the Order Form, which contains shipping instructions and our mailing address. You can download the Order Form as a text file by clicking here, then selecting "PRINT" from the FILE MENU of your browser.

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