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  • Duplication of non-commercial DVDs and CDs.

  • Duplication of non-commercial VHS or VHS-C, 8mm, Hi-8 and Digital-8, MiniDV and DVCAM tapes.

  • Turn aroung time is 1-3 days. Same day rush in emergencies.

Transfer of material from any video source to client supplied external
hard drive: $15.00 per hour. Each hour of video requires approximately
14GB of memory.
DVD and Tape Duplication Rates
DVD and CD duplication $10.00
VHS & VHS-C $15.00 per hour
8mm, Hi8, Digi8 $20.00 per hour
MiniDV-63 $15.00
DVCAM-184 $35.00
DVD and CD duplication includes artwork
provided by client, and protective jewel case.

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